Things to know before having a Modular Kitchen

Published On March 30, 2023

Modular Kitchen is made of different modules (cabinets) put together to fulfill all the requirements of the kitchen. Each module is separable which gives us the flexibility to add or change the kitchen even a part of it in the future. It gives us easy accessibility to the entire space considering the ergonomics. A poorly designed or planned modular kitchen may make your efforts and money go in vain. So, let’s know about the important factors which make our kitchen the most efficient:

  1.  Layout or shape of the kitchen
  2.  Material
  3.  Finish
  4.  Accessories
  5.  Appliances
  6.  Important things to take care (Don’t miss this section)

Layout or Type of the Kitchen :

To get maximum utilization, easy movement, and clutter-free organizing, it is important to understand your kitchen area and select the right layout based on the size of the family, storage requirements, available space, etc.

Typical Kitchen shapes are Straight line kitchen, L Shape Kitchen, Parallel Kitchen, Island Kitchen, and G-shaped Kitchen. Each layout has its own features.

To know more about these layouts, click here “Types of Modular Kitchens”. You can select the layout on your own with a good amount of study and analysis or with the help of an Interior Designer or Interior Manufacturers.

Material :

Selecting the right material for your modular furniture is your first win in getting durable interiors. We should choose the material which can withstand the climatic conditions of our region and budget constraints.

Major categories of materials are BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) plywood, WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) Panels, MDF Boards (Medium Density Fibre Board), Particle Board. We recommend BWR/BWP plywood due to its stubborn nature and strength.

However, selecting good-quality plywood from a genuine supplier is key. You can have a complete idea of materials in this article “Types of Materials for Modular furniture”

Finish :

A distinct range of finishes is available in the market such as Laminates, Acrylics, Back Painted Glass, Ceramic, Poly Urethane colors, Timber Veneer with Poly Urethane polish, etc. While Laminates and Acrylics allow you to play with colors, Glass adds a classy touch to your kitchen.

The selection of premium finishes like Poly Urethane (PU)not only provides a Lavish look for years but also protects the core material from atmospheric conditions.

Timber Veneer polished with Poly Urethane (PU)gives an all-time royal appearance to your home interiors.

Among all, laminate is the most economically feasible option whereas PU and Veneer are the premium ones if they are finished in the right way.

We, Domineer Customised Interior Manufacturers are experts in PU products.

Accessories : 

There are lots of accessories in the kitchen which makes our job much easier. Some of them are like Draw Systems, Corner Space Accessories, Spice Holders, Lift Up Mechanisms, Tall Storage units, etc. We can choose as per our necessity and usage. There are world-renowned brands in these accessories such as HAFELE&BLUM, Hettich, Kessebohmer, etc. You can choose an Interior manufacturer which uses any of these brands to guide you in selecting these. Please refer “Types of Accessories in Kitchen” blog for detailing these accessories and their advantages.

Appliances :

Selection of appliances like Hob, Chimney, Oven & Microwave, refrigerator, Dish Washer, etc. must be done before planning the Modular Kitchen itself.

Placement of these appliances plays a crucial role in attaining the “Golden Triangle” which connects the Cooking zone, Consumables Zone, and Cleaning Zone.

Hence convey to your designer in prior about the appliances you want in your kitchen.

Things to take care :

Apart from the above, there are other important aspects which you need to take care of to have a smooth installation of your kitchen:

  • Gas Pipeline: You must get an idea from your Architect or Builder about the gas pipeline points and how it comes inside the kitchen. Based on this, you can plan the hob position, or based on the hob position you shall ask your builder to change the inlet point position. Otherwise, these pipelines may look ugly on the platform.
  • Countertop Stone: Countertop stone shall be laid only after the complete installation of the kitchen.
  • Chimney Outlet Hole: The position of the chimney outlet hole shall be informed to your kitchen designer prior in order to plan the hob position accordingly. And covering this outlet pipe with loft modules gives cleaner look to your kitchen.
  • Inform your interior designer or Kitchen provider about positions of electrical points for Hob and Chimney, inlet and outlet positions of Dishwashers, RO systems, Faucet positions, etc.

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