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Materials for Modular Kitchen

Different types of Materials for Modular furniture:

Selecting the right material for your modular furniture is your first win in getting durable interiors. We should choose the material which can withstand the climatic conditions of our region and budget constraints. Here we are broadly classifying the materials into six major types for our Indian climatic conditions. Let us know about each in brief:

  • BWR Plywood
  • WPC
  • MDF
  • Block Board
  • Particle board

BWR Plywood

  • Boiling-Water-Resistant Plywood is mainly created by gluing layers of thin wood into a single sheet or board by cross bonding, hence we get a void-free core which gives it greater strength and more resistance to shrinkage. 
  • Plywood is a stable, durable and most popular material for kitchen cabinets and Home furniture. 
  • Plywood has a high degree of strength due to the way it is constructed and can hold heavyweight.
  • There are other categories of plywood also available such as Commercial ply, Marine ply etc . Commercial ply as the name indicates , is used for commercial purposes where as marine ply is used in the areas where there is high chance of water stagnation or water contact.

 Where is it used for best results?

Plywood is best used for Making all types of modular furniture such as Modular Kitchen Cabinets, wardrobes, TV Units, Crockery Modules, Partitions etc


  • WPC is an eco-friendly material that is acting as a replacement for natural wood and plywood. It is a composite material that constitutes wood waste fibers and thermoplastics.
  • It is highly resistant to moister and so it is a highly durable material. It has resistance to termite and fungus as well.
  • The cost of WPC material is high compared to the other materials used for same purposes.
  • But WPC board’s resistance to extreme temperature is low, it will cause melting impression if the temperature is more than 70°C.
  • Due to its composition, screw holding capacity of this boards is less.

Where is it used for best results?

In interior applications such as office furniture, TV Units, wall paneling, ceiling solution, industrial section, bathroom cabinets, window & doors frame etc.

MDF (Medium Density Fiber)

  • MDF is made up of very fine wood dust and is compressed with phenyl dihydride chemical to get the desired density.
  • These boards are not as strong as natural wood/plywood and have high chances of swelling unless it is well sealed with any sealing product.
  • As it consists of such fine particles, MDF does not hold screws very well for long time.

Where is it used for best results?

  • Generally, MDF is not suggestible for kitchen where there is more usage of water and hence, chances of bulging are high.
  • It can be used for wardrobes, TV Modules and for other interior products where there is no water contact.

Block Board

Block board is a piece of wood which is made of wood board strips after heat treatment and the spliced ​​block boards are covered with two layers of veneers on both sides, and then pressed by cold and hot press. Block boards can be used where we need long sheets without bends.

Where is it used for best results?

 It is normally used for interior usage such as:

  • Bookshelves
  • Benches, heavy top tables, and sofas
  • Doors and flush doors with a solid core
  • Interior decoration panelling.

Particle Board

  • Particle board is made up of particles of wood waste, agro products, bagasse and even sawmill dust which are heat pressed with glue to hold together.
  • This particle board has very less density, very less screw holding capacity and it cannot hold heavy load.
  • Particle board is typically the least expensive core material.

Where is it used for best results?

It can be used in areas where durability is not the concern and where there is no water contact at all.        

Now that you got a brief idea on these materials, you shall choose the right material at right place to get longevity of the product and to be cost effective.

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