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While planning a kitchen, domineer follows international standards and make them applicable to every kitchen we design. Your kitchen details and requirements will be gathered, and kitchen will be designed as per your family requirements like size of the family, your buying and eating habits, available Kitchen space and shape etc. We follow the below steps while designing the kitchen:
1. Gathering the information and Requirements
2. Zones Planning
3. Cabinet Division
4. Storage Accessories Selection
5. Design Finalization

Modular Kitchens - Zones Planning

There have been studies regarding the kitchen workflows & their optimization. It’s based on the five zones. The five zones are important aspects that go into planning a kitchen.

We can put the category of Food under the ‘consumables’ zone. We focus on easily accessing what you need when planning this consumable zone.

This zone designated especially for dinnerware, cutlery, and glasses would look better if we have our dishwasher close by.

With this zone, you have your sink and dishwasher in the place. We ensure that there is always enough space to place all the agents and cleaning utensils.

Every utensil you need to prepare food would be placed in this section (between ‘cleaning’ and 'cooking'). Right from chopping boards, knives, spices, and herbs, you can find everything accessible.

You should be able to find the right space for all your pans and pots. You can find your cooking utensils in the place right next to your hob.

Hardware and Accessories from Hafele and Blum

Hafele, along with Blum are the worldwide leaders in Hardware and Accessories solutions. We are tied up with Hafele as Original Equipment Manufacturers Since our inception and we use these high standard Hardware & accessories only to add more strength and ease of accessibility to our products.

Why domineer is the one you should opt for a
modular kitchen?

When you need a modular kitchen, domineer can be the doctors and specialists at understanding your requirement and finalizing everything as to how you dreamt it to be. We would be there to ensure that your requirements are met without any delay in time or quality. We give enough preference to the quality over quantity aspect. All we need is a smile on your face. It is going to be an affordable affair. You are also going to face the best interiors when you visit your kitchen every day. What’s more? This is why we are respected in the market:
  1.  Our team of experts can get everything done within a short span of time than you expected. Nothing is going to get delayed or postponed. It is going to be simple.
  2.  Our product is worth your money.
  3.  We offer modular kitchen design services without forgoing the basic principles. Quality would always be our primary concern when we design your kitchen you sit 
  4.  We take care of everything from offering the right ventilation to the kitchen to setting the furniture for your cutlery needs. The final outlook of your kitchen is going to look classic!
  5.  We use machinery that is of superior quality. Once we design your kitchen, it is going to be permanent. You are not going to need to look back at any of the features we have provided.

Like our Approach?

Modular Kitchens [F.A.Qs]

1. Can I have Modular Kitchen when cement slabs or granite slab is done prior at kitchen?

No. Modular Furniture is made by attaching individual modules (cabinets) together which provides the flexibility to change or modify later also. To enjoy the sophistication of modular kitchen, all walls shall be empty without any cement slabs or granite slabs.

2. Can I add accessories like draws, corner modules etc later after my Modular Kitchen Installation?

Yes, this is the greatest flexibility which a modular kitchen offers. We can add any accessory if kitchen is planned to accommodate such while designing.

3. Which is best core material for Modular Kitchen?

As per Indian weather conditions, a good quality plywood (E.g.: Birch Ply) is best for kitchen. WPC (Wood Polymer Composite Panels) may also serve the purpose but there will be screw holding issues.

4. In how many days, my kitchen will be completed?

From 45 days to 90 days. It depends on the type of finish you have selected as if the selected finishes are PU and Veneer, it takes more time.

5. What are the price deciding factors?

Core Material, Outer Finish, Accessories are the major factors to decide the price.

6. Are cabinets sizes fixed or can I ask for any customization?

Cabinet’s size can be customized as per your requirement. All our products are customizable.

7.Will there be any training/guidance to use the kitchen properly?

Yes, during the handover our team will explain you everything about how to use, care to be taken and maintenance aspects .

8.Which type of kitchen is best?

Basing on the shape of the kitchen, kitchens are categorized as Straight-line kitchen, L shape Kitchen, U Shape kitchen, G shape Kitchen, Kitchen with Island counter etc. However, selection of this shape depends on the available space. Hence, if properly designed (by planning the flow of zones), any type of kitchen can be made best for utilization.

9.Are you providing appliances (Chimney, Hob, Oven etc) also along with the Kitchen?

No, but we can guide you in the selection.

10.When should we plan to install counter top? Before the kitchen installation or after the kitchen installation?

After the kitchen installation only.

11.How much warranty do I get for the accessories of my kitchen?

Warranty given by Hafele Indian Pvt Ltd for the accessories differs basing on the specific item. Usually, it is form 5 years to 12 years on mechanism.

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