About Founder

Domineer is an idea of a man to stand on his own foot instead of relying on his father’s empire. He is Mr. K V Siva Ram Prasad a post graduate in Structural Engineering. Since his childhood, he has bagged the experience of building huge constructions in his father’s construction company.

But he wanted to start his career all by himself with his passion on design. He started domineer Architects and Structural designers consultancy firm in Vijayawada ,Andhra Pradesh way back in 1989.

Since then, the firm has flourished and winning the hearts of so many clients by providing the best ever consultancy services and solutions.

In 2004, with the same passion in design and quality, he has started domineer Customized Interior Manufacturing industry and catered the needs of so many elite clients through various modular furniture products and solutions. domineer is “A stage built by its satisfied customers”. He named the firm as domineer because he wants the product made by domineer has to be perfect in all aspects which shall dominate in quality, reliability and elegance thus making the best product only reach the customer.

K.V Siva Rama Prasad (M.Tech.Structures)
Managing Director & Founder

About Founder

Our Principles:

  • Be perfect no matter whether world notices it or not
  • Earn by providing solutions
  • Deliver only the best
  • Give freedom of expression to every stake holder
  • Be truthful and worthy
  • Let our people work happily with great satisfication
our pricincipals

Under the cap of domineer, there are following firms:


domineer Architects and Structural Designers


domineer Estate Developers


domineer Interior Designers


domineer Customized Interior Manufactures


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The work is not rewarding until you start lovin’ it!

Hunnarbaaz’s recognition made us feel proud and our work valuable. This made us and our employees know how they are doing and demonstrating what success looks like. This recognition has made us more responsible for our services and bringing the customer voice to the business to drive improvements. Altruism is what feel us rewarded.

We are aspiring to be a business where our employees can flourish. Not just this, we also skill people who are among the best and brightest in the industry, with a focus on success, flexibility, and well-being. We are fortunate to be known as a wonderful place to work, and our community is about inclusion, teamwork, high success, and opportunity.

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