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A wardrobe is the place where your fashion and style has been stored. It must be organized in such a way that you shall pick up your favorites without any time lapses in searching. At the same time having a wardrobe in your bedroom or dressing room shall not eat the space of the room or shall not disturb the theme and shape of the room.

So there are few points which to be considered before designing a wardrobe such as the place of a wardrobe, size of a wardrobe, wardrobe division for male /female / both, Accessories selection, Finish Selection etc

We follow the below steps while designing the Wardrobe


Step 1

Identifying a perfect place for a wardrobe in room by considering natural light & artificial light focus on that specific space, ceiling height, size of the room etc.

Step 2

Understand the requirements of clients like what type of clothes, shoes, accessories they use.

Step 3

Fixing the size of the wardrobe, Cabinet division.

Step 4

Selection of Storage Accessories like drawers, shoe holders, Hanger rails, Pull-outs etc.

Step 5

Type of Shutters selection basing on the available space in the room. Like should it be a sliding door wardrobe or slide fold door wardrobe or Hinged shutter wardrobe etc

Step 6

Finish selection and Design finalization.

Hardware and Accessories from Hafele and Blum

Hafele, along with Blum are the worldwide leaders in Hardware and Accessories solutions. We are tied up with Hafele as Original Equipment Manufacturers Since our inception and we use these high standard Hardware & accessories only to add more strength and ease of accessibility to our products.

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Wardrobes [F.A.Qs]

1. How should I select the types of shutter mechanism (Hinged/ Sliding/ Slide foldetc.) for my wardrobe?

1.It depends on factors like space availability in room, Budget, Taste, Preference for accessibility etc. 2.We will help you in selecting the right type of shutters.

2. How sliding door wardrobe helps me?

Sliding door helps you in saving the space which is needed to open the normal hinged doors. Our walkway will be clear, even when we are using the wardrobe.

3. What are the benefits of hinged shutters?

1.Cost effective option when comparing to any other shutter mechanism. 2.Simple and durable. 3.Easy to replace if any problem occurs due to rough handling.

4. What are the advantages of slide fold shutter wardrobe?

The greatest advantage of slide-fold shutter wardrobe is, you can have the view of entire wardrobe at a glance which makes your job easy in organizing, choosing, de-cluttering etc.

5. Can I customize inner shelfs design or shall I select the available design options with you?

You can customize according to your preference. We are completely open for customization.

6.What are the accessories available for wardrobes?

1. As we partnered with world’s best Hardware & Accessories providers Hafele& Blum, you have wide range of luxury accessories. 2. Accessories such as tandem runner draws with Blumotion, pullout gallery draws, trouser holders, tie holders, Hanger rails and many more are available. 3. You can opt from the catalogue as per your preference.

7.Are my wardrobe sizes fixed? Or can I customize?

Every modular product can be customized with domineer. We are specialized in delivering niche requirements of clients. So, tell us your requirement and rest assured by us.

8.Is it possible to have Wardrobe cum Dressing module or Wardrobe cum TV module?

Yes, we can make it possible.

9.How much warranty do I get for the accessories of my wardrobe?

Warranty given by Hafele Indian Pvt Ltd for the accessories differs basing on the specific item. Usually, it is form 2 years to 12 years.

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