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Television has always been our favorite entertainment factor since our childhood. It has occupied a space in our life that no other gadget was able to occupy. When you are going to watch television, it is not just about the TV channels or your remote controller. It is about the entire set in your hall. When you can relax and watch television, wouldn’t you need a better T.V unit? At domineer, we specialize in offering you the comfort you need while you are watching T.V. We assure you that it is going to be an extremely pleasant experience like never before.

Reasons To choose Us


Reason 1

As we have said, setting your TV unit does not end at placing your set-top box on the right side. We manage the A-Z of the TV unit without any hassle.

Reason 2

Your TV unit design has got more to do with the way you organize everything from the flower vase to your coffee mug near the TV set. We do that for you!

Reason 3

We ask what you love before we start on with the designing process.

Reason 4

Everything is going to be customized.

Reason 5

Our modern design with perfect lighting is going to be the best choice for your TV set design. It is going to enthrall your visitors for days to come.

Reason 6

Our modern design with perfect lighting is going to be the best choice for your TV set design. It is going to enthrall your visitors for days to come.

Hardware and Accessories from Hafele and Blum

Hafele, along with Blum are the worldwide leaders in Hardware and Accessories solutions. We are tied up with Hafele as Original Equipment Manufacturers Since our inception and we use these high standard Hardware & accessories only to add more strength and ease of accessibility to our products.

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TV Units [F.A.Qs]

1. Do I have to select the TV unit design from your catalogue or will you design specially for my requirements?

You can select from our catalogue and we can design for you specially also as per your budget.

2. What are the price deciding factors?

Core Material, Outer Finish, Accessories are the major factors to decide the price.

3. What are accessories available for TV Module?

We can opt for various types of accessories like Tip-on mechanism shutters (without handles), Lift up systems for shutters, Drop down systems for shutters, Draw systems with blumotion etc. But selection of accessories depends on the design of the TV Unit.

4. Can we make TV Unit without a base module for set top Box and other stuff?

Yes, it’s possible.

5. Is my TV module also factory made or will you make it at our home only?

Your TV module also made in factory only. No mess in your home. Installation only will be done at site.

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